The Christchurch Charitable Trust was previously called Christchurch Citizens Advice Bureau and has operated for many years as a separate and independent charity supporting the Christchurch Citizens Advice Bureau under the umbrella of the national organisation.

Since 2019, the advice service for Christchurch has been provided by the conurbation-wide Citizens Advice Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole. As a result, we no longer provide advice and to avoid confusion, we have changed our name to the Christchurch Charitable Trust.

The purpose of the charity has always been to provide public charitable benefit for the community in Christchurch. The objects of the charity have now been changed to enable the trustees to use the funds that remain in the charity to promote such charitable purposes as they think fit for the benefit of the community in Christchurch and surrounding areas.

The charity is run by the trustees who are all unpaid volunteers and to maximise the funds available for charitable purposes, we have no premises and no paid staff.

We are an independent charity and have no links to any local council and no religious or political affiliations.

Trustee Board

Peter Watson-Lee
– Chair of Trustee Board
Heather Heale
– Vice Chair
Stephen Haynes
– Treasurer
Clare Cherry
– Trustee
Christine Cook
– Trustee
Roger Driscoll
– Trustee
Scott Faulkner
– Trustee